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0330 900 5224

To insure the safety of all shooters, spectators and staff we hope that you will read the following club and event rules before attending Airsoft 101. Not following our rules will result in the removal from the event and cancelation of your club membership.

  1. Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  2. Guns must be transported to the event in a gun bag or case
  3. Guns must not be loaded at any time apart from at the shooting aria
  4. Eye protection is required for all shooters and available on the day
  5. Never pass beyond the control deck unless it's your turn to shoot
  6. Never point a loaded gun towards spectators
  7. The following BB pellets must be used to count on our leader board
    a. AEG Rifles - 0.20g BB
    b. Gas/Co2 Pistols - 0.25g BB
    c. Sniper Rifles - 0.30g BB
  8. Your gun must be set to semi auto (single shot) to be included on our leader board
  9. If your gun jams in semi auto, switch it to full auto to clear the gun before switching back to semi auto shooting. You must not hit any targets while in full auto firing mode to count on our leader board
  10. It is not permitted to reload a magazine during each shoot
  11. You may use any objects within the shooting area to steady your aim
  12. You may move freely within the shooting aria to increase your score
  13. You must never clime or stand on any objects to shoot
  14. If you are using our guns and equipment they must be returned in full working order

The following is a recommendation on what to wear and look good at Airsoft 101 shooting range events. Remember the most important thing is to have as much free movement as possible. No one is shooting at you like in a skirmish; however eye protection is required and available.

You ca ether shoot in a full tactical load out which will look great and the spectators will love it. Or how about shooting in a top and jeans, recommended is somewhere in-between with a good SWAT Loudoun. It's entirely up to you but please where sensible flat shoes like trainers or walking boots as the floor may have random BB pellets creating a slip hazard.

  1. Eye protection (shooting glasses or goggles) available
  2. Hard waring trousers or jeans as kneeling or laying down may be required
  3. Top with lots of arm movement
  4. Trainers or walking bouts with lots of grip
  5. Waterproof top in case of light rain

The following steps are set out to help the event run smoothly and affectionately but overall to insure the safety of all shooters, spectators and staff. The steps bellow should be followed at all times except when overruled buy a member of staff on the day.

  1. Join the line to shoot with unloaded gun
  2. Approach the control desk to register and pay
  3. Read and sign our insurance waver (under 14s must have parent or guardian to sign)
  4. Move on to the loading table, insert mag and put on safety glasses
  5. Move into the shooting aria when free, remove safety and test fire the gun
  6. When ready you will be instructed to get set
  7. A sound will count you down before the targets appear in fount of you
  8. At the end of your shooting time you will hear a sound and all targets will lay flat
  9. Remove the mag and fire the gun in the direction of the targets to clear
  10. Move away from the shooting aria and return back to the control desk
  11. Your score will be displayed instantly on our websites leader board
  12. Take a break or re-join the cue for another turn and repeat

Please note: for private bookings or birthday parties the shooting process is the same apart from all shooters will be pre-registered and the booking pad for in advance so no need for each shooter to pay.


Joining the Airsoft 101 gun club has many advantages including the ability to buy and collect RIF (Replica Imitation Firearms) i.e. a gun that looks like the real thing, no orange, blue or green in sight. Most leading airsoft retailers will take your club membership as proof that you are legible to buy an RIF airsoft gun, ID and proof of age may be required.

To become a club member you will need to play at least 3 times at an Airsoft 101 event over not less than 2 months and within a 12 months period.

You must be 18 years or over to have a full Airsoft 101 membership and be allegeable to buy RIF airsoft guns. If you are under 18 years you can still join the Airsoft 101 gun club as a junior meaning that you will not be allegeable to buy guns but can still enjoy all the other benefits of being a member.

To find a club member simply click here or go to the MEMBERS page on this website and search for their surname. Due to privacy laws we can only show there name, city and date they registered as a club member. For more information please contact us via the contact page of this website.

Membership is optional and costs £10 per year. It is payable at any of our events on or following your 3rd time to fall in line with airsoft regulations in the UK.


The information on this page may be updated at any time without notice. Please review this page before attending an event at Airsoft 101 and be aware that a change in venue location may change this information on the day but not on this page.