0330 900 5224
0330 900 5224

Airsoft shooting range and gun club

Airsoft 101 presents a new concept in airsoft, a dynamic CQB shooting course designed specifically for 6mm airsoft guns. Your Shooting skills will be challenged; accuracy and speed will play a vital role in completing the JBBG CQB CHALLENGE. With 16 standalone computer controlled targets and an urban style outdoor CQB shooting range, this new Airsoft concept is safe and fun for all ages to enjoy. It is not an Airsoft skirmish but a state of the art computer run target shooting range within a CQB course. Both beginners and veteran players will be challenged completing the JBBG CQB CHALLENGE. Dates and locations of the JBBG CQB CHALLANGE are listed below or call us on 0330 900 5224 for more information...

forthcoming events

Sorry but we have no current events live. New events will be launched here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

The AIRSOFT 101 shooting range is a state of the airt computer run target system developed in conjunction with DA GRECKER of Germany. This professional system and others are available to purchase. For more information please contact us via the contact us page on this website.